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A New Membership Model for TBSAA

TBSAA-greekA New Membership Model for the TBS Alumni Association

For some time, the TBSAA Executive Council has been researching new ideas for its membership structure. While membership in the organization has steadily increased over the nine years of its existence, the rate of growth has slowed in recent biennia.  After a series of strategic planning meetings, researching peer organizations, and targeted discussions with Sorority alumni, the TBSAA is moving forward with our new membership model.

Based upon the feedback received from TBSAA members and other alumni, a key issue at hand was the inability to perfect a one-size-fits-all membership package. Alumni members of the Sorority have a wide array of ideas and desires for continuing to participate in TBS after graduation. Their focus ranges from active participation in a local alumni group, to convention attendance, to philanthropy, and more. While the question “what are the benefits of joining?” is standard for all alumni organizations, we have been faced with an ever-changing expectation as to what that answer should be.

Choosing Your Level of Participation

The previous membership structure of the TBSAA has focused on who you are: whether that’s an alumni member, Life member, younger alumni, or Friend.  As part of our restructured membership model beginning June 1, 2016, there are now three membership levels for Sorority Alumni to choose from that answer the question – “How would you like to be involved?” —

  • Alumni Membership – This is the standard membership level, including the membership benefits currently associated with joining the TBSAA, and will have the same dues cost for all, regardless of membership status or age.
  • LAA Access – Alumni who wish to participate in their local TBS or joint LAA (local alumni association) can choose this level of participation. It allows them to be included on the LAA membership roster and includes a subscription to the Entr’Acte. This membership level does not receive a membership card, nor include access to conventions.
  • Gold Star Club – The Gold Star Club is the premium membership level. This is designed for alumni who are interested in philanthropy and want an enhanced alumni experience, including a commemorative gift, conference call with the Executive Council, recognition in the Rhapsody and Podium, special events at National Convention, and more.

Friend membership will remain an option for supporters of the TBSAA who are not alumni members of the Sorority, including alumni of Kappa Kappa Psi, spouses, parents, siblings, children, and friends.

The TBSAA Executive Council is excited to open this new chapter for the Association! To submit questions or comments on the new membership structure, send an email to tbsaa@tbsigma.org.

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