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TBSAA needs YOU for the Next Year of the Mentorship Program

One of the most effective ways TBSAA members can both benefit and contribute to the overall success of the Alumni Association is through participation in the Mentorship Program. Professional networking is one of the principles for which the TBSAA was founded and as an individual member, taking advantage of this program is a great way to support that endeavor. The program provides a vehicle to connect a recent graduate with someone who has more experience in their field or a related area. The mentorship program provides a basic template of a topic to discuss each month to stimulate conversation and hopefully exchange ideas and experiences.

Over the next several weeks, the TBSAA will be soliciting members to participate as either a mentor or a mentee in the program. If you are more experienced in your professional field, please take this opportunity to share your experience and provide a sounding board for someone who is just getting their start. If you are a young alum, you can use this opportunity to share ideas and questions with someone who has more experience and can provide you with advice. The TBSAA will do its best to pair up Sisters in the same or related fields of interest and provide regular guidance on completing the mentorship email exchange outline.

During October, separate calls will go out via email and social media for mentors and then for mentees. Once connected, mentorship pairs will receive information on getting started with their first email topic during November. If you have any questions about the program, contact TBSAA Program Chair Chris Foster at bandchris@tbsigma.org.