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The Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association offers different levels of membership for everyone. Whether you’re an alumni or life member of an active chapter, are looking to participate in or start a local alumni association, or would like to support the organization, there are options for you.  The TBSAA membership year runs from June 1 through May 31 annually.

Information on the various types of membership/participation is found below:

TBS Alumni can join or renew their TBSAA membership by filling out the Online Membership Form.  The Paper Membership Form can be mailed or faxed to National Headquarters, or emailed to hqacc@kkytbs.org.

Alumni Membership

TBSAA Alumni membership is open to all alumni, Life, and honorary members of the Sorority in good standing who wish to support the mission of the organization, attend various district and national events, and possibly participate in a local alumni association (LAA).

Alumni members receive a membership card, which grants them access to district and national events and conventions, as well as a membership gift, subscription to the bimonthly email newsletter The Entr’Acte, the annual TBSAA magazine, The Rhapsody, access to participate in TBSAA national networking, philanthropic, and professional development programs, and membership in LAAs. Alumni member dues are $35.

LAA Access

Alumni, Life, and Honorary members of the Sorority who would like to activate their alumni membership for the purposes of participating in or founding local alumni associations (LAAs), can purchase an LAA-Access membership.  This level of membership includes a subscription to the bimonthly newsletter, The Entr’Acte, and status to be counted on the roster as a dues-paid member of TBSAA when submitting reports to the TBSAA.  Members who are at the LAA-Access level are not sent a membership card, but instead receive an email receipt, and cannot attend district or national events or conventions.  LAAs may charge a separate, local membership fee or dues. The LAA-Access membership dues are $15 annually and the membership year runs from June 1 through May 31.

Gold Star Club

TBS alumni, Life, and Honorary members can enhance their participation by joining TBSAA with Gold Star Club status.  Gold Star Club members receive all of the benefits of alumni membership, plus a special commemorative gift, an annual conference call with the Executive Council, recognition in The Rhapsody and The Podium, access to special member-only events at district and national conventions, and more to be announced.  Gold Star membership dues are $60 annually with a membership year of June 1 through May 31.

Friends of the TBSAA

Friend Membership in the TBSAA is open to all supporters of the Sorority and the Alumni Association, including alumni members of Kappa Kappa Psi in good standing with the National Headquarters, parents, siblings, children, and friends. Friend Membership includes all of the benefits of Alumni Membership, including a membership card and the ability to attend district and national events and conventions. Friend Membership dues are $50 annually. The TBSAA Executive Council reserves the right to deny a request for Friend Membership.

The purchase of Life Membership and/or any type of membership dues in Tau Beta Sigma or the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association is non-refundable.




Local Alumni Associations (LAAs)

LAAs, organized local groups of alumni, can be recognized by the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association.  LAAs may be based around a city, chapter, district, college/university or geographic region.  LAAs can be founded to serve TBS alumni or to serve jointly with alumni of Kappa Kappa Psi.

To be recognized as a Local Alumni Association of the TBSAA, at least a majority (50% + 1) of members must be in good standing with the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association for the current membership year. All of the LAA’s officers must be current members of the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association.

Joint LAAs with alumni members of Kappa Kappa Psi must have a majority (50% + 1) of their Tau Beta Sigma alumni who are members in good standing with the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association, and at least two of the joint LAA’s officers must be paid TBSAA members. While these numbers represent the minimum membership level to be recognized as an LAA, it is strongly encouraged for all alumni and friends within an LAA to also support the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association through membership.

Each LAA will need to renew their recognition annually, with the recognition year following the membership year of June 1 through May 31.  Annual dues for each LAA will be $50. An Annual Report will be required to renew LAA recognition.

Visit the LAA information page to learn more!


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