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Welcome to the Entr’Acte!

Effective November 2015, the TBSAA is changing its news & information format!

Paid TBSAA members will receive The Rhapsody magazine, which will now be in an annual, hard copy format sent to members’ homes.

For up-to-date information, the TBSAA will now have an online newsletter, the Entr’Acte!  Members can log onto the TBSAA website www.tbsalumni.org and click on the Entr’Acte link to see all the latest news and information.  Members will also receive a bimonthly recap of all the recent information published in the Entr’Acte as well.

For more information on the Rhapsody magazine and the Entr’Acte newsletter, contact TBSAA Members Relations chair Chris Foster at bandchris@tbsigma.org.